Mobile Apps for the Classrooms

Lindsay Broks

Science Glossary

Science Glossary is a free App that students can use when they are having trouble understanding terms. When reading and studying for a science exam students may come across words that they don't fully understand the meaning to. With the Science Glossary App they can quickly look up the word and find the scientific meaning of it to better help them understand their topic of study (App Store, 2014).

3D Brain

The 3D Brain App is a free app that allows students to discover what areas of the brain are responsible for, how these areas work, and what happens if an injury has occurred in these areas. This app will allow students to study the functions of the brain and teach them to understand how ever part of it works together (App Store, 2014).

3D Cell

The 3D cell apps is free and allows students to investigate how cells functions, look like, and work to make up systems. It also contains a library of videos students may find helpful in studying with if they are more visual learners (App Store, 2014).


The Expoplanet app is a free and exciting app that allows students to explore space. It is also updated as new information is learner about the solar system. Students can use this app to discover how our solar system works as one and the correlation of planets away from the earth at specific times (App Store, 2014).

GoSkyWatch Planetarium

The free GoSkyWatch App is a simple app that allows students to focus their devices up to the sky at night and it will tell them where constellations, planets, and even important stars are. This app will help engage students and get them excited about learning about the solar system. It also will help them learn how to pick out constellations at times that they don't have the app with them (App Store, 2014).


The free Leafsnap App allows students to take pictures of leafs and then identify them with software the app has on it. This will help the students learn about different plants, there purpose, and the importance of them for biodiversity (App Store, 2014).