Ben kudrna


Once Upon a time a long, long time ago in a small town just outside of the main city called Raider were brave knight, the bravest knight of all some might say was once again talking and bragging how he was the best of the best.” My fellow city mates I know that there has been some talk about how the big dragon Jeff has been attacking the city and burned some of it down.” But I have a solution since I am the best and most brave knight of all. I will go and slay the dragon. So as the brave knight started talking, for great got was watching over and saying when you will learn to stop being such a big mouth. Later that day the warning bell in the middle of town went off and everybody went into the 1 of 6 metal shelters that they had around town so the dragon could not burn through it. Well my fellow town peoples this means that this is my time to go and leave to slay the big bad dragon so I can save the town, and remember that I was always the best if I don’t come back and also tell the mayor that he was never good. And so out the brave knight went to embark on his terrible and hard journey to slay the dragon. At this time the knight is standing outside of the cave, and practicing the plan that he had set to beat the dragon by catching him by surprise.” I am the best knight of all so who needs a plan because I am so good that the dragon is going to be scared of me when I come. But that all changed as he stepped inside the cave where the dragon lies and at that moment the so much called “brave knight” was so scared that he called up to the god, “Please all mighty god I have underestimated this huge and scary beast and now I need help to slay the dragon. And so the knight was all alone and it only took a few minutes before the knight became the main course for the dragon’s lunch.


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