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What is the Issue

Speeding is driving too fast for the conditions without full regard for the vehicle condition and driver ability. It is not simply driving above the signed speed limit. Always drive at a speed that will allow you to stop well within the distance that you can see to be clear. Driving too close to the car in front, even below the speed limit, is dangerous. It is a good idea to reduce your speed when sharing the road with pedestrians and cyclist

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Statistics in Australia

Young driver statistics
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In 2014, 21% of drivers killed were aged between 18 and 25 years, however, this age group represents only around 14% of Victorian license holders. This is the lowest proportion of young drivers killed since 1987.

Of the 24 young drivers killed in 2014:
75% were males
71% were killed on country roads
63% were killed in single vehicle crashes
75% were involved in crashes that occurred during high alcohol times
67% of deaths occurred on 100km/h signposted roads
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Stopping Speeds

Speed Stopping Distance
50 km/h 35 metres
60 km/h 45 metres
80 km/h 69 metres
100 km/h 96 metres
Speeding. How sorry will you be?

“How sorry will you be?”

Our Don’t Rush campaign, featuring Dr Brian Owler, president of the Australian Medical Association. The new Don’t Rush message encourages passengers to tell speeding drivers to slow down. You can’t predict what’s ahead and speeding increases the risk of crashing. If you don’t ask the driver to slow down, you could be sorry later. If you’re in a car with a speeding driver, speak up and tell them to slow down – you may never get a second chance to.

Reinforce the consequences of speed-related crashes and their impact on the wider community
Reinforce the importance of speed compliance among all drivers, especially males
Encourage community vigilance among peer groups to speak out against others who break the road rules

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