The Dynamics of a Character

The Development of Feelings Overtime

The Raging Emotions of Jackie and Thomas

The development of feelings overtime was a natural process that physically and emotionally affected the main the characters; Charlie, Jackie and Thomas. These characters have endured life struggles and challenges throughout the film due to their actions caused by their emotions. This relates to the progress and development of their emotions overtime.

Curiosity, Allurement and Kindness

Jackie’s first interaction and conversation with Thomas was when she visits the Mollison’s to return one of Charlie’s belongings She is curious as to what was happening as Thomas leaves her unattended at the front door. Once she steps in, she sees Thomas holding Charlie’s clothes covered in faeces. Startled, she leaves the Mollison’s and regrets going in at the wrong time. This shows the beginning of an emotional development due to her curiosity with the Mollison’s family and her astonishment with the clothes covered in faeces. Jackie’s curiosity is what brings her friendship with Thomas and Charlie closer.

Once she has finally returned the monkey ears, their acquainted relationship turns into friendship. This becomes known by Jackie, Thomas and Charlie walking home together. Charlie discovers a tampon in Jackie’s bag and decides to place it in his mouth. At first, she was taken aback but actually found it amusing and hilariously replies with “At least it wasn’t a used one!” This scene confirms that she has accepted the fact that Charlie is autistic and develops a friendly liking for him.

Charlie accompanies Jackie and Thomas to go swimming in a river. When it rains, the three go under a shelter where Jackie and Thomas lay down together and close their eyes. Jackie and Thomas gaze into each other’s eye bringing them into something more than friendship. This brings the two to share their first kiss. Certain of her feelings, Jackie has a strong and affectionate liking towards Thomas.

Lack of Acceptance

Due to Charlie’s autism, Thomas is in charge of taking care of Charlie. He is ashamed of his brother and hides the fact that he has one. As Jackie visits the Mollison’s to return Charlie’s monkey ears, Thomas attempts to hide Charlie due to his embarrassment of having an autistic brother. The consequence of locking Charlie in his room was that he excreted faeces and smeared it all over himself, the carpet and the walls. To Thomas’s frustration, he tells his mother, Maggie, that Charlie isn’t his responsibility and that he does not want anything to do with him. This shows the audience his extreme absence of acceptance for Charlie and the fact that his older brother is not normal.

A different scene but similar feeling for Thomas’s lack of acceptance was during his sixteenth birthday. Thomas celebrates his birthday with a dinner party with his family and Jackie. As it was time to serve the cake, Charlie does an inappropriate activity in front of Jackie bringing her to feel uncomfortable and causing the cake to be destroyed. This brings Thomas into great fury and proceeds to break Charlie’s game console which also causes him to go wild and cause a commotion. Thomas’s frustration shows that he absolutely does not accept his brother’s actions even though he is aware that Charlie is autistic. Thomas is distraught from the bitter situation due to his actions of frustration leaving him full of regrets. Thomas’s emotion calls out for comfort from Jackie and his mother, Maggie.

In the end, Charlie apologises to Thomas and gladly accepts it. The apology restores the friendship between the two brothers and gave Thomas the opportunity to accept Charlie as a sibling. “I hated being you brother. Every night I closed my eyes and wish that you’d be normal. But you weren’t.” This confession acts as an apology for Charlie and embarks a new journey for the two, free from resentment and activating acknowledgement. “You just pissed on my leg didn’t you?”


The topic that I have chosen for this task was the ‘Development of Feelings’. This topic involved characters such as Jackie and Thomas which impacted their lives, by the cause of their emotions.

As shown above, I have included three photos showing the progress of their development. The first photograph shows us Jackie, Thomas and Charlie walking home together. The camera angle is in a very wide shot range showing emphasis on the environment around the subject. The wide shot angle displays Jackie’s acceptance and appreciation for Charlie.

The second photo expresses Jackie’s and Thomas’s young love blossom because it was when they shared their deep emotion towards each other and sharing their first kiss. It is a high-angle shot because it is essential for their dramatic emotions to be accentuated.

Lastly, the final photo is the most powerful and meaningful shot because it was what linked the two brothers to a beginning of a strong bond.

The Black Balloon was a film that portrayed a strong message towards the audience who could relate to the film. It based on the real life situations and confronted families who were experiencing this situation. It had such a powerful message and impact, leaving the audience speculated and sentimental.