Wooden Hairbrush

Wooden Hairbrush

Wooden Hairbrush

Natural boar bristle hairbrushes, when used correctly, are the best choice for your hair. While they do tend to be more costly than cheap plastic hairbrushes, you may find yourself using less styling products in your hair when you use a natural boar brush everyday. The natural boar bristles on the brushes are much easier on hair as well, resulting in less hair breakage.

The natural bristles are designed to clean, polish and condition hair. Tiny scales on the tightly packed bristles help to attract dust, dirt and scalp flakes, removing these impurities with each stroke. Sebum, the oily substance produced by the scalp, can clog pores and give hair an oily, unwashed appearance. Use of a natural boar bristle hairbrush pulls the sebum from the scalp, through the hair, coating each strand.

This action allows the sebum to do its job by providing a protective and shiny barrier to the hair, resulting in a more healthy shine and fewer split ends. Sebum acts to protect and waterproof hair, keeping it from becoming dry and brittle. In essence, sebum is hair's natural conditioner.

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When brushing through your hair, make sure to start at the scalp and pull the brush completely through to the tip of your hair. Repeat this around your entire head, making sure that each stroke goes from the scalp to the hair's tip. This process allows the sebum to coat each piece of hair.

Not only do these natural bristles help make your hair look better, they also stimulate the scalp, much like a massage. Before the use of daily shampoos and hair care products, people would run a boar bristle brush through their hair each night before bed. The normal rule of thumb was 100 strokes each day for a healthy head of hair.

No matter what type of hairbrush you choose, it is extremely important to take care of your brush. Cleaning and maintaining your hairbrush will result in many years of use. Buildup can be removed periodically using a small wire hairbrush cleaner tool. Soaking the boar bristle brush in a shallow pan with a warm water and shampoo solution will help remove excess oils. If you are using a wooden boar bristle brush, make sure to only soak the bristles. Excessive contact with water could ruin the varnish on a wood brush over time.

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