Turn contacts into contracts.

A motive to equip your conglomerate with a network that helps them in discovering various other companies, make new partners and, hence, collaborate with an even bigger matrix.

Fusion of business networking and digital media.

  • Broaden your scope in innumerable markets that are unexplored.
  • Run a smarter business, with better and safer decision-makings.
  • Communicate, share, recommend and innovate your ideas.
  • Make your company visible.
  • Find relevant partners.
  • Go online.

How can you build your network here?

A Social Directory

Bteract is a digital networking platform that helps companies to connect, interact and grow their businesses. Presently, the contact information of geographically disconnected companies can be acquired through directories, but their reputation and reliability cannot be judged. Out platform fulfills the gap of social interaction and, hence, you can also call us a social business directory.