CUIN: 3313 Reflection

This flyer will reflect what i learned from my class

What is the CUIN assignment that you are most proud of?

The assignment that I am most proud of is when I made my very first Prezi presentation. I really enjoyed Prezi because it helped me present in a very visual way by incorporating text, images, and the option to add music.

What did you learn by doing this assignment?

What I learned was basically how to be creative and organize my ideas in order to make a great presentation.

How might you improve what you did/created for the assignment?

What I could do to improve what I did for the assignment is to add less text next time and narrate my work with a gift of voice instead of just reading the material

How might you implement the technology used in the assignment for the future?

I feel like this is a tool that will really benefit me in the future by helping me make presentations for other classes and perhaps at work if required.

Any other course reflections you would like to share?

Another thing that I would like to reflect from this course is the Video Production. I had a great time working with my partner to make a video that will help educate people on the importance of Digital Citizenship. This was my first time making a movie so I had plenty of chances to experiment the Window Live Movie Maker software and remix several songs through Audacity. Overall, it was a joy to be in this class and reflecting all the new things that I have learned about technology