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Greetings From Mr. Hottovy.....

Happy new year Wildcat Families!

It seems as though COVID has thrown us another uptick in cases! Our number one priority is to keep kids in school. To do so, we will continue to limit visitors inside our school, allow for extra space between students when possible, and we will still require masks of everyone regardless of vaccination status until at least January 21. If your student is not feeling well or has been exposed to someone who has tested positive, you can help stop the spread by reporting this to us right away at 402.390.6490. If we can all do the right thing, we can keep COVID out and kids in school.

I am extremely proud of the work that our staff is doing day in and day out to keep kids safe and learning. Please help me in recognizing staff members that have gone above and beyond for our students. Use the form below to nominate a staff member for the "Staff Member of the Week". Each week two staff members will be chosen from your nominations.

Lastly, everyone is welcome to join us for our January Community Club Meeting next Tuesday night at 6:30 in the Library. Masks will be required and we hope to see many of you there.

Mr. Hottovy, Westbrook Principal

Winter Weather Reminder...

At Westbrook, we believe that kids are at their best when they play outside. As per district policy, we will have recess outside unless the Wind Chill is less than 10 degrees or there is heavy precipitation. Please make sure that your Wildcat is dressed for the weather each day. If you need help finding winter clothes for your student, please reach out to Ms. Lowe (lowe.jessica@westside66.net), Mr. Hottovy (hottovy.tyler@westside66.net), or contact the Westside Clothing Closet (pictured below).
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Our School Social Workers Are Here For You!

Our caring team of school social workers are here to support your child and family! If you need food, clothing, utilities, or other support, contact your principal, or click above for our latest Social Worker newsletter!


Greetings Westbrook Families,

Westbrook, along with other area schools, has been a part of a partnership with The Buffett

Institute and The University of Nebraska for several years. The purpose of this joint effort is

to reach children before they come to kindergarten, even before they are born, to help

increase school readiness and confidence, to create schools as a connection point for

Westbrook students and families, and to strengthen and support families and whatever

needs they may have. There are 3 components in this birth- grade 3 continuum: home

visitation for prenatal-age 3 children, quality preschool for 3-4 year olds, and aligned

Kindergarten-Grade 3 curriculum, instruction, and assessment for 5- through 8-year-olds.

If you are, or know of a Westbrook family with younger children, we want you to be aware of

the free Home Visitation program here at Westbrook to support our families with children

from pregnancy to preschool age. Eileen Britton, Westbrook’s Home Visitor, provides

weekly, curriculum-based visits with families of children under age 3, and assists with the

transition to preschool. She would be happy to talk with you about this wonderful program

with the goal of ensuring our children and families have the tools for the best start possible!

This link shares some specifics about the purpose of this program


Please contact:


Westbrook Office: 402-390-6490


Student In-District Transfer Requests for the 2022-23 School Year

If you are a District resident who would like your K-6 child(ren) to attend an elementary school other than the school that serves your attendance area for next school year, you must submit a completed In-District Transfer (IDT) Request form to the Office of Student Services for review.

The District gives priority to families living within the District prior to placing Option Enrollment applicants who reside outside the District. We must receive a Student In-District Transfer Request form no later than 4:00 p.m. on March 15 for your request to be considered prior to our placement of Option Enrollment students.

IDT forms are available at the ABC Building and our District website. Click here to complete the form electronically. An IDT request form must be completed for any child starting kindergarten next year who has one or more siblings currently attending a school outside their home attendance area. Transfers are approved or denied based on available space and other resources. If you have questions about the in- district transfer process, please call 402-390-2107.

Kindergarten Enrollment for District Residents

Do you live in the District and have a child who will be ready for Kindergarten this fall? Do you know of other Westside residents with children who will be ready to start school in August?

Kindergarten enrollment for 2022-23 school year begins January 24. Parents of eligible students should go to westside66.org to begin the enrollment process as early as possible on or after January 24.

Students entering kindergarten for 2022-23 must be five years old by July 31, 2022. Parents may opt to hold their children out of kindergarten for an additional year. However, Nebraska state law mandates that a child who reaches six years of age prior to January 1 of the then-current school year must be enrolled in school.

If you have questions, you may call the Westside Welcome Center at 402-390-2100.

Requirements for Early Admission to Kindergarten

In accordance with Nebraska Statute 79-214, the Westside Community Schools allows for admission of children residing in the District as early entrance kindergarteners through a locally designed testing program. Children of District residents who wish to be tested for early entrance must turn five between August 1 and October 15, 2022. For further information regarding early entrance to kindergarten, please call 402-390-3303.

Kindergarten Enrollment for Non-District Residents

If you live outside the District and have a child eligible for kindergarten who has a sibling currently attending a Westside elementary school through the Option Enrollment program, you must submit an Option Enrollment Application. Westside’s Office of Student Services must receive Option Enrollment Applications no later than 4:00 p.m. on March 15. The application form is available at the ABC Building (909 S. 76th Street) and our district website or Click here to complete the form electronically.

Under Option Enrollment statutes, first priority for admission is given to siblings who seek to attend in the District where an older sibling is already enrolled, provided an Option Enrollment form is submitted by March 15 and provided that there is space available in a requested building and grade level. In you have questions, please call 402-390-2107.

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Westbrook Community Club Meeting

Tuesday, Jan. 11th, 6:30-7:30pm

1312 Robertson Drive

Omaha, NE

Please join us to help support Westbrook!


Monday, Jan. 17th, 9pm

1312 Robertson Drive

Omaha, NE