Economic and Foreign Policy

This led to the First American political party

Political Parties

The Democratic- Republicans led by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison

The Federalists were led by John Adams and Alexander Hamilton

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Conflict over the Federalists' support for the Bank of the United States, the Jay Treaty, and the undeclared war on France contributed to the emergence of an organized opposition party.

The Beliefs of the Political Parties

The federalists believed in a strong national government and commercial economy. They were supported by bankers and business interests in the Northeast

The Democratic-Republicans believed in a weak national government and an agricultural economy. they were supported by farmers , artisans and frontier settlers in the South.

The Presidential Election of 1800

The presidential election of 1800 was won by Thomas Jefferson. It was the first American presidential election which power was peacefully transferred from on epolitical party to another.
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Why is this important?

This is important because they represent us. We can't vote on every little issue ourselves. They provide a way of organizing and resolving political conflict, Political parties coordinate the efforts of public officials at the same level of government and from different branches.
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