Zombie alpocalypse Survival guide

by:Natali Alcantara

Canadian Shield

The Canadian Shield includes the Hudson Bay and the Great Lakes. It contains some of the oldest rock formations in North America, hundreds of lakes carved by melted glaciers and hills worn by erosion.

Rating: 9

For surviving a zombie apocalypse I give the Canadian Shield a rating of 8. The most important resource the Canadian Shield has to offer is freshwater which is necessary for human survival. It is also great for survival because the population is scarce so the less people the less zombies. The region is very vast and has lots of trees so one can find a place to hide around the trees. This region offers boating, fishing and hunting. Even though this is a great region for survival one negative thing is that in the winter it can get very cold.

Coastal Range

The Coastal Range is located along the Pacific Coast and stretches from Canada to Mexico. It contains the mountain ranges of the Sierra Nevadas and the Cascades. It is made up of rugged mountains, rocky beaches and fertile valleys.


One positive thing about the Coastal Range is that it is fertile which means the soil is good for framing. Having food close to ones reach will help a person live. The Coastal Range also has different terrain to one could build their home in higher elevations. The biggest negative aspect of the region is that it has a big population which minimizes ones survival. The people who didn't become a zombie will be surrounded by to many zombies.

Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountain region is located West of the Great Plains and East of the Basin & Range. It stretches from Alaska to New Mexico and contains the Continental Divide. These mountains are sharp and rugged with high elevation.

Rating: 6

Even though the Rocky Mountains are dangerous because they are high and sharp they create a great defense against zombies. The population in this region is not vast like large cities so if one finds a secluded one could survive. Parts of these region has great agricultural land which one could grow crops.