Beach Erosion

By: Olivia Peters & Bobby Jones

Ocean City and Assateague Island

Ocean City and Assateague Island are located in Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay, These two places are having problems with Beach Erosion. This is due to the Jetty's, that protect water ways from extreme tidal changes, which is stopping the flow of sand to the islands. Since the sand flow is not happening, Assateague Island will one day collide with the main land. Ocean City is being effected during the Winter months when erosion happens most.

Fixing the Problem

There are several ways Ocean City can fix the Beach Erosion. They are even starting a plan to do so. First phase, they will widen the eroded beaches and make it 67 meters filled with sand. Second phase, is making a 13.8 hurricane protection dune that will be made with 2.7 million cubic meters of sand. The last phase is to maintain the beach and make sure the erosion does not get out of control and if it does it can be fixed quickly. The last phase will take place for the next 50 years, every four years, sand will be added to the beaches and keep it approximately 67 meters wide. Sand will help with preventing erosion and keeping stability in the island and its ecosystem.

Some Photos on What We are Talking About

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