Liam Frank

Period 4

Mental Illness

The article "Mental Health Conditions" states that, "Recovery, including meaningful roles in social life, school and work, is possible, especially when you start treatment early and play a strong role in your own recovery process." This can go both ways because Rex Walls and his mom, dad, and brother clearly have mental illnesses, but they haven't done anything about it. For example, they all smoke, drink, and some of them abuse their own family members. That has been going on for their entire lifetimes, and they lived a bad life. However, Jeanette has been under the influence of them and could've been like them. Instead, she decided to go do something with herself and has been living a happy and healthy life in New York City.
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Multiple times in The Glass Castle, Rex Walls has shone civil disobedience. This is a non-violent act that doesn't break the law, but is something bad that could easily get you in trouble with the law enforcement, or police, if things do go the wrong way. One time he did this was when he took Jeanette and just kept putting her in the sulfur pool in the desert over and over again when she didn't know how to swim. She could've easily drowned since she wasn't that old, and did it against her will. Another time was when he took Jeanette to a bar and worked both her and Robbie into a bad position. This led to Robbie nearly rape her, and things could've escalated quickly. He also did it again when he took Rose Mary Walls and hung her outside the window in Battle Mountain, Nevada. It wasn't illegal, but she could've died, the cops could've came and arrested him for abuse, a gun fight could've happened, and many more things.
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Rex Wall's battle with can alcohol can be described as, "Living with an alcoholic is a family affair." This is because when Jeanette's dad comes home drunk most days, the effects and consequences rub off on everyone else. One time when the family was living in Phoenix, Arizona, they were going to have a happy Christmas and life was going to be great, at least until the dad showed up. First, he dissed on the Catholics about their beliefs, getting them kicked out of church. Then, the mom gave him his cigarette lighter as a gift, but what does he do with it? Instead up using it to light his cigarettes, which is already bad enough, he just decides to go crazy and throw it into the Christmas tree, lighting it on fire and burning down. I don't think anyone sane would do that, so he had to be drunk when he did that. It ended up putting the rest of the family in a somber mood, and things didn't get better for a long time. This would make his alcoholism a family affair, since it affects everyone in the family.

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When the Walls family was homeless, the HEARTH Act would've allowed them to get help from the program it made. They would've had more money to spend on things to help them through their struggle with poverty. That could mean not going hungry, having clothing, and being able to afford a place to live with all of the important necessities. Also, the dad may not have been as stressed, so he wouldn't be smoking and drinking as much, and family relationships could mend. Also, the mom wouldn't be so dependent on the dad, sugar, and art to keep herself alive. The children would probably get a better education, so they would have a better chance of going to college, getting a job, and getting out of poverty. However, knowing the parents, they want to be homeless, so it may not work out for the parents at all, but most certainly the children.
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According to the article, Rex and Rose Mary Walls would no longer be the parents of Lori, Jeanette, Brian, and Maureen. One of the causes is that parents have long-term alcohol incapacities. The dad has spent his life revolving around alcohol and drinking, so he would no longer be their parent. Both parents clearly have mental illnesses, so this is another reason for why they would no longer be parents. At times, Rex and Rose Mary Walls have neglected and not shown enough care to all of the children, making it more likely that they shouldn't be parents. They have both been gone for periods of time, and the children basically have to make do without any parent being there at one point, so that isn't morally or ethically right.
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I believe that Jeanette's parents have exhibited education neglect most of the way through the book. Before they moved to Welch, and before some children were even 12, the parents didn't force the children to go to school every day. This includes all the times when they did "The Skedaddle", since they don't go to school when they leave to go to a new place for up to a month. This is poor planning by the parents since none were excused absences, and the parents didn't even bother to go get school records and tell the school they were moving. Also, most principals, teachers, and students bully the Walls children, so it's not like the schools are encouraging education either. As shown on Jeanette's first day of school, the teachers also don't do much teaching, and if they do it's unimportant stuff, so the schools don't do much educating anyways.
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