Foods 1 Assignment

By: Trey Germano 😝✌️

Food Safety!

Food Safety is an important thing to remember to keep you and other safe around food and consuming it. Food safety is to help prevent food-forne illness. You have to take different steps to ensure safe food.

Food Sanitation!

Food sanitation should be used every time you or anyone else is preparing or around food. You need to Clean your food, Separate you food from other foods, Chill foods, and Cook your foods correctly to prevent harming yourself or others.

Time Tables and Work Plans!

You should always make work plans to make sure you have time to prepare and cook your food. Work plans are useful for timing. Another thing you should make is a time Table. A Time Table tells you how much time you have to do certain things for cooking your food. Time Tables are another thing to use for timing and to keep you on track with your food preparation and cooking.

Collaboration and Dovetailing!

Collaboration with other people to hep cook a meal is fun and fast. You have to be able to work together to meet your goal of making a great meal. Dovetailing is a useful way to cook too. Dovetailing is when you do two things at one such as heating up the oven and preparing the food (while the oven heats up)


Recipes, you can get them from different places such as relatives, online, books, etc. Recipes are instruction on how to prepare a meal. Recipes are used for accuracy, timing, and others.

Preparation tasks and Pre-preparation tasks!

Pre-prepartaion tasks are tasks you do before you start preparing foods. These tasks can be washing hands to preheating the oven. Preparation tasks are tasks you do to prepare food. This can be washing and cutting foods to cook. These are just some important tasks to do.