Falcon Flyer: Staff

April 2016

Finger Lake Elementary

"No Goal is Too High Where Falcons Fly"

Falcons Have HEART

  • Have a Positive Attitude
  • Expect Success
  • Accept Responsibility
  • Respect Myself and Others
  • Think Before Acting
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Fabulous Falcon Staff

We prepare students for success because we love kids, love FLE, and love our community.


  • Review the master schedule and send feedback
  • If you are interested in a "alternate" spot for tech package, email me. Names are being collected now for unfilled spots.
  • Submit budget request by May 13. Once approved, Suzanne will ask you for a PO request to be completed by the last work day of the school year. See email from 3/25 for directions and spreadsheet

Important Dates

See parent newsletter online at: http://matsuk12.us/fle click newsletter next to welcome tab for an outline of April/May dates and events.

Wednesday, April 13th, Staff Mtg. @ 4 pm in the library.

Staffing and Planning Update

In staff meeting on 3/30, lots was shared about next year. Of course, more has changed already. Here's an update on where we are:

As of 4/8/16 @ 11:15 a.m., FLE will NOT be getting Behavior Support, we WILL be getting an ABA program (likely a K-2 program). It will go where the art room/computer lab are currently.

Room assignments are still somewhat tentative

Aide positions for our ABA program are still tentative

Likely (but still undetermined) the only new aides we will be getting at FLE next year will be for ABA.

RE: Budget Crisis......

"The District will need to proceed in a manner that ensures it has the appropriate certified teachers in front of the students. At this time, with the current level of fiscal uncertainty, DO is not making adjustments to staffing plans or preparing additional scenarios. We will continue to inform principals as our revenue becomes more certain."

Please let me know if you have any questions at all! My goal is your success. It’s a pleasure serving you.

Technology Packages

MSBSD is looking to increase educator’s knowledge and skill set of technology driven instruction and student engagement. The plan is to roll out a technology package that would allow for portability and mobility within the classroom to enhance student engagement. The educator tech package will include:

  • 2-in-1 laptop/tablet device (will be available to take home this summer)
  • Large monitor for desk
  • Docking station
  • Wireless presentation and collaboration system

Packages are awarded based on each school’s % of student enrollment of the overall MSBSD student enrollment. The 5 staff members from FLE to be early adopters are:

  • Rentz
  • Parret
  • Wheater
  • Maresh
  • Hardy

These staff will be:

  • Attending 2 days of SAMS either Block 1, 2, or 3 for PD on hardware (1 day) and district curriculum (1 day)
  • Be ready, willing, and able to share learning with staff and support the continued growth of our building when additional packages are awarded.


Foundations Team

Sarah presented an update on the Foundations team about a month ago, what it was and how we are going to get it off and running. Last meeting, the following eight staff were announced as the initial team.

  • Jamie Dodge (Classified)
  • Roseann Kowalczk (Office)
  • Marcy Farris (Instruction)
  • Sarah Heintzman (Intermediate)
  • Lynn Kracke (Primary)
  • Sharon Zagyva (PK & SPED)
  • Kelly Rentz (Specialist)
  • Susan Steele (Admin)

These folks will represent their respective groups for a predetermined length of time. If you have feedback, questions, comments, or concerns, please share those with your representative with your solutions so your voice can be heard. This team will be up and running with a regular meeting schedule by mid-April.

Elementary building access hours

New BP or AR will be coming about access hours. If yo have any feedback, let me know.

Maintenance is getting called 3-7 times every weekend due to staff who are setting off alarms. The district has implemented a policy to limit building access to the following hours:

  • Elementary- M-F (7am-11 pm) and Sat/Sun (6am-6pm)

You need to get prior approval to access the building outside these times. In the event that the alarm goes off outside these hours, principals will be called to clarify if prior approval for building access was granted. If you believe you need a crash course on deactivating and activating the alarm, please let the front office know. Staff should use the custodial entry in the back of the building for arming/disarming as the front office will likely be locked up on the weekends/after hours.

Don't look

Families will be asked to do a survey at Camp-Read-Alot regarding fundraisers. One question will ask them which the prefer.

A) Wrapping paper fundraiser

B) Candy/chocolate fundraiser

C) Flat donation, please don't make me sell stuff

To be entered in our next staff mtg. raffle, email me your vote (A, B, or C). :-)

Staff Parking

All staff should choose a parking spot in the large front lot or the back lot. Curbside parking (to the right on the way to the back of the school) is permanently reserved for families who need to walk their kiddos inside. Maintenance is working on a restriping design that would create a loop (eliminating parking spots in the middle) while still allowing for some 5 min. parking spots for parents (many are PK) who bring their students in the building to do so safely.

KTVA coverage on the Tech Expo

Check out this video of KTVA’s news coverage of our district’s Tech Expo http://www.ktva.com/msbsd-pushes-for-more-technology-in-valley-classrooms-301/


Check out www.matsuk12.us for a video on the front page highlighting our school district.

Journeys Professional Development

Marcy and Lynn H. will be our building train the trainers (TOTs) for Journeys and will begin PD this semester. We will carve out some time on May 6th to begin sharing some resources with all staff. In the fall, SPED teachers from FLE attend PD on Aug. 9th at DO, and K-5 General Ed teachers from FLE will attend PD on Aug. 10th at Larson. Appointments were sent so it's on your calendars. More to come on this!

Mat-Su (SAMS & FAMS) – Save the Date!

What is the difference between SAMS and FAMS?

SAMS (Summer Academy in the Mat-Su) is held at the end of the school year. It provides professional development and growth opportunities with the ability to earn continuing education credits from UAA. FAMS is held in the fall before school begins.


May 31-June 4. Visit http://www.matsuk12.us/Domain/4996 for more information. MLP is open for class registration.


Save the date: August 1-5, 2016 will be our 2nd annual Fall Academy in the Mat-Su for teachers. Trainings will be held from 8:00-4:00 at the District Administration Building. The FAMS catalog will be released in the May Teacher Post. Thank you in advanced for your support and dedication to professional development in the Mat-Su.

FAMS (Fall Academy in the Mat-Su) is held the week before school opens to promote professional growth in core academic areas. This professional development is not credit-based; teachers earn an honorarium

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