Blueprint Bulletin

Beecher Community School District December 2017

Instructional Infrastructure

The district Blueprint Team continues its focus on the use of High Quality Subject Specific Instruction as the basis for teaching and learning. We are beginning to collect evidence of High Quality Instruction through the classroom walk through process. These visits will provide data that will be used to drive the instructional improvement process at the building level and to assist the district in developing specific, targeted professional learning and/or support based on the identified needs and/or deficiencies.

Wednesday a team will be in both buildings conducting walk throughs as we practice using the tool. In the future we do plan on emailing the data collection tool to the classroom teacher for their analysis and pursuit of instructional practices that directly benefit student learning.


“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.” -

John Dewey


The district Blueprint Team recently completed a fidelity check of our work at the Mechanical Level. During this phase, the district launched the installation of the Blueprint by establishing the urgency for district reconfiguration and by building the ground floor of three district systems: Talent Management, Instructional Infrastructure and Intense Student Support Network, the Communication driver system and the Problem-Solving driver system.

The district team passed the fidelity check and will continue to monitor our work in the Mechanical Level. Round of applause for all involved!

Moving into the Lobby Level, the district will install the Performance Management Driver System, the fourth district network system - Leadership Network, creating the Building Networks and guiding the principals in leveraging the use of district systems. This work will enable the district to understand and respond to support rapid acceleration and the extent to which each building’s analysis of multiple measures of data indicate the degree to which the building is on track to identify barriers, ask tough questions, generate problem solving and encourage learning for all.