Title I District Newsletter


Milestones are coming up!

The Milestones tests are coming up in a few weeks. Your school has been preparing your child for the test all year long. I used to tell my students that this was a chance to "show what you know" I tried to alleviate the nerves and just encourage them to do their best. Remind them that they have been preparing for the test all year and that they will know the material. Make sure they eat a good breakfast and get plenty of rest. Encourage them to do their best and calm their nerves.

Upcoming PAC and DAC meetings

Each school will be having a PAC (Parent Advisory Council) Meeting. Everyone is invited to be a part of the meeting. In these meetings your school PIC will explain school goals, the proposed school policy, the budget and the School Improvement Plan. We always value your input and will ask for approval on the school policy. Your school PIC will be advertising the date in a text, on the website and in a newsletter.

The District is having the DAC (District Advisory Council) meeting on April 11 at 9:00 during a google meet. We will be reviewing our proposed policy and asking for approval. We will also review the results of the school surveys and will discuss some of the parent comments.

Where can I find the information?

Several of our schools are making "In case you missed it" newsletters that give a synopsis of things covered throughout the year. We always want our parents to be informed of events happening at your child's school. Your PIC regularly texts out information and sends home newsletters, flyers and some have social media pages. They also update the school website. Please feel free to contact your PIC with any questions!

Parents are partners!

We view our parents as partners. Please remember that we value you and your input. We encourage all of our parents to be involved with your child's school. That can be through regularly volunteering, helping out on picture day, sending in snacks, or reading the information in your child's folder. It all benefits your child and the school. We appreciate you being involved!

PIC me! PIC me!

Marissa Watson is the PIC at Graysville Elementary school. She is an amazing PIC but most importantly and amazing person! She has been a huge help to me and all the other PICS. Marissa is a self taught computer whiz! There is nothing she can't figure out! She has trained our PICS on how to navigate putting our documents on their websites and is always there to answer any other technology question. She is also the reason that GSE has awesome Family Engagement. She constructs their FAST meetings and is the reason they are so successful! She even sends home fun seasonal activities for families to do together and then displays them in the hallway. If you have a child at GSE make sure you tell Marissa she is awesome!

District Family Engagement Coordinators

Kristy Jablonski and Regina Bacon

Director of Title I Gina Haynes