Scientific Revolution

Liam Flynn, 1st Period

New ideas & discoveries brought by the Scientific Revolution

With the Scientific Revolution, many ideas and discoveries were brought. These changed many people's ways of thinking. The idea of Earth being the center of the universe was made. Jupiter was found to have four moons, the rings of Saturn were found, and sunspots were first found. Gravity also was introduced, along with the three laws of physics. Many new inventions also came along, such as the microscope & improvements to the telescope.

People associated with the Scientific Revolution

The new ideas all had to have someone to discover them. René Descartes had contributed the scientific method. Galileo had discovered the 4 moons of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn, and sunspots. Isaac Newton discovered gravity and contributed the 3 laws of physics. Antoine van Leeuwenhoek had contributed the first microscope and had opened up biology through his observations.

How did the Scientific Revolution change society?

Many new inventions, discoveries, and ideas were brought, changing the ways many people thought about the natural world. Many traditions were challenged due to the revolution. The Scientific Revolution also challenged many religious beliefs, such as the Church explaining the world through inspiration while Science explained the world through logic.

How is the Scientific Revolution shown modern-day?

Many new inventions brought new discoveries, that are still being improved upon to this day. The microscope has gone through many changes throughout history. The solar system idea has also been improved upon throughout history. Many inventions from the Scientific Revolution are also used in everyday life, such as the thermometer.