Personal Best Parent Update

...from Donald F. Gately Ed.D.

Volume I Number 4 - November 18, 2015

Something to Ponder- Being Left Out Hurts

Last week, four different middle school parents e-mailed to me the same blog post. Here is the link. This has never happened to me before. They all said some version of the same thing, "Don, this happens here all the time, you should send this to ALL the parents."

The point of the post entitled, Being Left Out Hurts: Moms, Stop 'Social Engineering', is that parents do a great deal to create and perpetuate bullying situations. The most prevalent form of bullying at our school is EXCLUSION; when groups of students leave out or exclude other kids from activities and social circles. I hope you'll read the post because it does a great job of describing instances in which parents actively intervene for their own children in ways that exclude other kids.

You don't need me to tell you that our children watch every move we make. As I tell students often, it takes less effort to be kind than it does to be mean. It's already difficult enough being an adolescent... Let's make sure we don't do things that make it worse for some kids.