Cougar Class Newsletter

Weekly Update from Ms. Galindo--November 8, 2013

Daily Subjects


Our class did a stellar job learning how to identify the numbers zero through ten! Monday through Thursday we practiced counting up to ten by ones. On Wednesday we focused on identifying the numbers and their value. We played Math Bingo, and the students were asked to find the numbers that were being called out on their card. They were also asked to count the correct amount of purple circles that signified a specific numeral's value. Afterwards, they made a number line of zero through ten, which they can use for other math assignments. I have encouraged them to take it home so they can use it as a resource for when they do homework.


On Thursday we finished reading Matilda, so this is just an announcement that there will be a test this upcoming Wednesday about the characters, theme, and plot.
This week's letter is "R". The student's practiced writing the letter R, as well as sentences like "red rooster on the roof". As usual, we continue to practice the other letters on our Chicka Boom Boom tree that we have already mastered.
All of the students have come a long way in knowing their vocabulary words. As of Thursday, the group knew 15 out of 20 words. The study sessions at home are helping tremendously!


This week we focused on the solar system! We went over the order of the planets, their characteristics, and their distance from the sun. Each student also painted their own model out of Styrofoam balls and will bring it home to show you next week.

Around the School

Scholastic Book Fair

Monday, Nov. 11th, 9:30am

Cougar School

Just a reminder that the Scholastic Book Fair will be held in the school library from Monday through Friday. Even if your child did not pre-order books with the flyer that was sent out last week, they are still allowed to bring money and purchase anything from the fair. My class will be going as a group on Tuesday.

Contact Information

As always, I am available for parent teacher conferences, or if you have any other concerns or questions please call or email me.