RMS Media Center Report -Sept. '15

Check out what went on the the Media Center in September!

Media Center Stats

Student walk-in traffic - 2260

This counts students who visit the media center independently. For the 21 days students were in the building in September, that's over 107/day!

Students are welcome to visit the library before and after school, as well as throughout the day with a signed pass.

Materials Circulation - 3,034 items

For the 21 days students were in the building in September, we averaged about 144 books/day!

Classes - 51

We finished up hosting all of the English/Language Arts classes for Library Orientation, which included a fun "genre quiz" where students got a better idea of what genres they might be interested in, and how knowing their favorite genres will help them find books in Destiny and our newly "genrefied" library!

We hosted the Reading Assistance classes for a few days this month. They checked out books and enjoyed some quiet reading/working time in our comfy chairs.

Mrs. Garner's class visited the library for a few days to work on their "Future Earth" project, including using some of the new iPads, and the whiteboards in our Makerspace!

Fifteen classes visited the library during Banned Books Week, for a discussion and activity celebrating the First Amendment. There was lots of great discussion!

Other Activities in the Media Center

Banned Books Week - We hosted 15 classes in the library for a discussion about Banned Books Week and the First Amendment, but many students heard from their friends about the activities and books we talked about, and came in to get on the holds list for classics like The Face on the Milk Carton.

LevelUP@RMS Makerspace - The tables are built, and awaiting a coat of paint or two, and then we will officially be ready to use them! Ken Morrill built the tables with help from Brian D. and his grandfather.

3D Printer - We took advantage of a great deal, and got a MakerBot Replicator 5th Generation 3D Printer for the makerspace! We're working out the details, but students will be able to design items to print and we will charge based on the amount of filament the design will use. Our first test prints came out great, and seventh grader Brady R. did the first custom design, a sign for the library! :)

Maker Events - The first two maker events were packed and super fun!

Mrs. Corvin, our PTSA president, led our first Maker event: Jewelry Making! We had 16 students attend, and they made some awesome pieces, including necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Our second Maker Event is our most popular to date, Duct Tape Wallets! We may offer another session soon because we had 7 people on the waiting list, and more asking about it after that! 20 students attended the Duct Tape Wallet workshop, and we had multiple student helpers assisting during the event. They used patterned duct tape to make one-of-a-kind wallets!

The next Maker Event is our Cardboard Challenge, on Oct. 8th.

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