Talk Story

A narrative variety show

Join us for an evening of true stories.

It's a night of free entertainment in Durham, North Carolina.

Come hear true stories in a variety of formats. Some storytellers will have a thousand words to tell a story about a photograph. Others will tell a story in tandem. We’ll have a Tweet, Tweet segment, a medical detective story, and audience participation. It’s going to be fun.

On the bill for this inaugural show:

We find inspiration from The Monti, The Moth, The Story Collider, StoryCorps and This American Life. If you like any of these storytelling organizations, you'll enjoy Talk Story.

Show takes place at Casbah music club

Tuesday, July 10th 2012 at 8pm

1007 West Main Street

Durham, NC

All ages welcome. Seated show.

Be on time, please

7 p.m. Doors open. Get a drink at the bar. Find a seat. Tweet your location.

8 p.m. Show starts.

Find more details at

A mistersugar 'decade of narrative' event

Talk Story is organized by Anton Zuiker, blogger and community organizer. On my 40th birthday, I pledged to make my next decade one of narrative. Learn why.

Want to tell your story?

Contact Anton Zuiker today.


Kastom singsing with Chief Louis Obed by mistersugar