West End Pond

Abiotic Chemicals


I tested for nitrate on two different sides of West End Pond. I expected to get two different results but I ended up getting the same result on both sides. There was 0 ppm for nitrate on both sides of the pond.

Dissolved Oxygen

On this one I also expected to get two different results but again I got the same. There was 0 ppm of dissolved oxygen on both sides of the pond.

PH Wide Range

This one was a little different. When I dropped the tablet in the water it started to turn purple. So that meant that there was PH wide range in the water. There was 11 ppm of Ph in the water on both sides of the pond.

West End Pond Biotic Factors

Algae in The Water

The algae in the water interacts with the water itself and the abiotic factors in it. It can trap chemicals. Also its like a producer and takes in carbon dioxide and releases oxygen.

Grass Around the Pond

The grass around the pond is a producer. It makes oxygen and takes in the carbon dioxide from around the pond. This could have an effect on how much chemical could be in the water.

Trees Around the Pond

Like the grass the trees are also producers and could have the same effect as the grass does. They take in the carbon dioxide and release oxygen back into the air.