John f Kennedy

Alex Garber

life of john

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the one of the 9 children in the house. At a young age john developed many diseases. He had contracted scarlet fever, whooping cough and measles. as a kid john went to a boarding school in Connecticut. from there he graduated and went to Harvard in 1936. John has spinal injuries growing up so it limited him from sports. After graduating from Harvard he went into the navy. John worked on a submarine during WW2 they where hit by a Japanese sub. John nearly lost his life that day. he received the marines medal of courage.

John and Politics

the reason or cause for Kennedy carrier in politics was the discharge in military. after his naval service john wanted to do what his father did. at age 36 he married Jacquelyn baroque. She helped him purse his politics. in 1956 John almost went to run for vice president but decided to wait until next election to run for president. in 1960 john was elected president of the united states. He was the youngest president ever. and the first catholic president.

John time in office

during the time of 1960 there was threat of nuclear war between the Russia and soviet Union. john had a solution, make peacekeepers. this solved problems around the world but he needed to solve problems in his own country. He tackled racial discrimination by giving his arguabl speech. This is one of the most famous speeches in the history of the united states. John also made the most feared men and women on the face of the planet. a threat to all countries who are messing with freedom. The navy seals the freedom enforcers. the solution the the bay of pigs invasion and the ending of the Cuban missile crisis.

death of John F kennedy

on November 22nd 1963 John F Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas teas by Henry Oswald. John was shot 2 times, 1 time in the head and a 2nd in the neck. The cause for this was a uproar in american power. This resulted in the assassination of John F Kennedy. He is considered one of the best presidents in the world. compared to other presidents Kennedy made a real change and stuck to his promises.