Aquatic Science

Ronnie Moss, Tim Millard

Types of water

Freshwater- generally characterized by having low concenntrations of dissolved salts and other total dissolvesd solids. You can drink fereshwater. a job you can use with fresh water is bing a freshwater biologists are knowledgeable in the human factors that disrupt or exploit freshwater systems.

Brackish Water

Or also called briny water. This is water that has more salinity than freah water, but not as much as seawater. It may result from mixing of seawater with fresh water. San Antonio Water System is currently developing a brackish groundwater desalination program in southern Bexar County.

Salt water

Water consisting of, or containing salt water: a saltwater solution.

Inhabiting or occurring in seawater or salt water. Saltwater Inc. collects high quality data on fisheries and oceans for government agencies, research organizations, and fishermen. This company are an industry leader in the design and implementation of fishery and marine mammal observer programs