Why do onions make us cry


what do you do with an onion you just cook it,smell it,taste it and eat it that's the hall point of why do onions make us cry.

The world will be nothing but an onion it only make you cry nothing but a sweet, tasty onion only when we cook it.


onions is a plant to the groundfruit vegetable they are small (1-3 inches) flat onions. They are very sweet and they almost to served a dish. They are from Italy but know they can be found in many stores country's and thing like that.

what is inside an onion there is 6 part.

1) basal plate: is the roots when they get bigger they reach the top of an onion the roots comes out and and it always keep going.

2) bulb: there is a seed you put underground and it stays there like 4 months 2 months until the bulb grows and die the seed will be an onion and it will be big then we come and take the onion and we cut the bulb and there is anion.

3) immature flower: is a flower that is still hasn't been grown in an onion.

4)scale leaf: a specialized leaf or bract that protects a bud or catkin.

5) roots: when you pot the onion there is salt anderground then when you pot water the roots lacks the water and the salt and then the onions grows.

6) tunic: enveloping or covering membrane.

Time Lapse of an Onion Growing
Onion seeds germinating in time lapse

why do onions make us cry

When you cut an onion, it releases a gas called, ready for this, Proletarian S-oxide. When mixed with certain enzymes in the onion, it creates a sulfur gas. These gases then get to your eyes and create a mild acid which irritates the eyes.

Normally, your body would signal you to close your eyes. This, of course, is not a good idea if you are cutting an onion. The next best thing your eyes can do is to make tears to protect the eyes. Rubbing your eyes is a bad idea, since your hands are likely full of the tear making onion juice.

different types of onion