The DeVouring

Simon Holt

Review by dulce borja

This book is about Reggie and her best friend Aaron.They discovered an old journal written by a woman believed to be crazy. Reggie and Aaron think that the Vours is just a silly legend to try to summon them on the winter solstice. The main characters in the story are Vours, Reggie, Aaron, Henry, Eben, Quinn, Macie and Mr. Holloway. The story was about an evil demonic that inhabits humans bodies on sorry night. My favorite character in this story was Reggie because she was a brave girl and because she would try to protect the family and she didn't want to tell her dad what was going on she didn't want to tell her dad that she was scared...I really didn't like the book as much because it had me really confused. My favorite part of the story was when Reggie told her dad what was going on, and he tried to help her out. I recommend people to read this if you like mysterious things.

I recommend people to read this because its a good book.I liked this book but, it had me confused. This book is for people that like mysterious things. Simon wrote this book because of the experinces that he had in her life. The devouring is about demonic things that take up the light and the heat. My opinin about the book is that is very interesting for young teenagers to read.