iPad Air!

Get your hands on a beauty outside and a beast inside.

Touch your world in a whole new way...

The iPad air has communication and information at your fingertips. You are unstoppable with the power of an iPad air, it is not just a tablet, it is the iPad air. Have the whole world in the palm of your hands. Wield the power and touch the future.

I read. I watch. I listen. I type. iPad.

The new iPad Air is unbelievably thin and light, and yet it’s so much more powerful and capable. With the A7 chip, advanced wireless, and great apps for productivity and creativity — all beautifully combined with iOS 7 — iPad Air lets you do more than you ever imagined, in more places than you ever imagined. It works for everyone with unbelievable features, unbelievable speed and unbelievable power!

iPad... Your world's touchstone.

Just 7.5 millimetres thin and weighs less than half a kilo. The stunning Retina display sits inside thinner bezels, and an incredible amount of power lies inside the sleek enclosure. So you can do so much more with so much less.

The resource you need at the price you want.

The new A7 chip in iPad Air was designed with 64-bit architecture. It delivers killer performance — up to two times faster CPU and graphics performance than its predecessor — without sacrificing battery life. So you get incredible power in a device you can take with you wherever you go.

An open book to the world.

iPad Air keeps you connected faster than ever, in more locations than ever. Using two antennas instead of one and MIMO technology, iPad Air delivers up to twice the Wi‑Fi performance of its predecessor. You can make quick, easy connections all over the world.

iPad, saving the day, one tap at a time.

With the iPad let everything come to you.

iPad apps are like no other because they’re designed just for iPad, they look amazing and use every pixel of the beautiful display. iPad Air comes with great built-in apps for the everyday things you do, like checking email and surfing the web. To help you be even more creative and productive, iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers and Keynote are now available for free. And over 475,000 other incredible iPad apps are just a tap away in the App Store. With apps like these, iPad Air can do just about anything.

iLike the iPad; the world at your fingertips.

iOS 7 is every bit as advanced as the iPad Air it runs on, and with new features like smarter multitasking, Control Centre and AirDrop, iOS 7 makes the experience of using iPad Air even more beautiful and simple. Because iOS 7 and iPad Air weren’t just designed to work together, they were designed to enhance one another.

If you ever wondered 'Is that the best apple can do?' Now you know