The Steam Boat

By: Adam Abassi

The Inventor and Innovator

Robert Fulton was the first person to make a successful steamboat. Also Henry Miller Shreve and Robert Stevens were one of the innovators.

Important Dates

The first example of the steamboat was made on on August 22, 1787 by John Fitch. It was first improvement was on August 26, 1791. Also in 1814 first sold steam boat rides in 1814. Which was also when it became widely used.

Some original steamboats

How it Works

Water is fed to a boiler that heats it up until it produces steam. The steam is then fed into a piston cylinder. It pushes the piston up to the top of its stroke. When it reaches the top, a valve is opened in the side of the cylinder to vent out the steam. Which then turns the paddles that moves the boat. Then a valve drops down again, and the whole cycle starts over.

How it Changed the Industry

It did so in many ways. For example,the boats transported cargoes of cotton, sugar, and passengers. Plus, throughout the East, steamboats contributed greatly to the economy by transporting agricultural and industrial supplies.

How it Changed Life in the U.S.

It made New Orleans steamboat arrivals increase from 20 to 1200 a year. Plus had constant speeds unlike most other boats at the time.

How it Affects us Today

They still affect us today because all nuclear powered ships are really steam ships. The nuclear reactor heats water to make steam to run the ship's turbines, even submarines.