The Fault in our Stars

By John Green Alyssa Navarro 1

characters/ theme

The main characters are Hazel, Agustus, and Hazels mom Hazel has cancer and Agustus also has a disease and lost his leg they met at a church and had a love blossom between them.The theme is that now matter who you are you can do anything and you can love who ever you want but there is always a price to pay

setting/conflict and plot

The setting is in many different places but one of the most important ones are Amsterdam where Hazel goes for her dream vacation and Agustus pays for it. The conflict or plot is man vs nature because, Hazel and Agustus have to fight terrible diseases that nature gave them.

The two main characters

Book recommindation

I did like this book because it was inspiring. It made my eyes open up and see how people are suffering terrible diseases. But still have wonderful things in there life. I wonder how it feels to let something go so easy. But it was hard too.that is why i liked this book.