Digital Citizenship Project

Gabe S, Period 4

What is Digital cizenship

Digital citizinship is when you have to be respectfull and safe online and don't plagirisom, copywrite, cyberbulling and it can be bad like copyright is when you copy somthing word from word and that is plagirisom and it can be elegal and lead to very bad things and if you do a progect on it and you turn it in you will not get a good grade cause you copyed it exactly from the web so you copyed and pasted it and it says exactly as it says online. Cyberbulling is bad and can be very rude and very disrespectfull and you can humilate someone and it can ruin someones day or they would be very sad and that is rude and mean thats how i think digital cizenship means.

7 Rules of Digital Citizenship...

1. Never let your anger out when you are typing it can affect you later and it can maybe affect your friendship.

2. Don't share your info or your passwords and usernames cause they can get in your account only share your your info to your parents but don't tell your friends because they can change things on your account.

3.Don't post anything that you wouldn't want your friends and family to see like you don't want to tell them embarresing things.

4.don't talk to people online that you don't know and if someone friends you or wants to chat with you that you don't know just say no like if you don't know them don't bother talking with them.

5.If someone is cyberbulling you though text, leaveing people out of group chats and the best way is not to fight back thats what they want like saying things that is rude and saying you stink.

6.plagirisom is when you pass someones work as your own and copying is that to off of some one is cheating and also if you half to do a progect and copy things online from other people also copying like takeing facts from online sources.

7.copywright is when someone makes something and puts there copyright and it can't be repurduced or rewriten like a book that can not be recopyed.

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