Best Years

In the years 1946-1952, America was a changing and progressive country. Everyone was proud to be an American. There were many cultural set backs, yet some progression. The end of WWII put America in a good place, but just a few years later, they'd be back at war again in Korea, also suffering a communist outbreak.

Winston Churchill gave his famous Iron Curtain speech on March 5, 1946.

Churchill gave his speech in Fulton, Missouri.

The Fall of 1945, World War Two ended.

There were hardly any job openings when the war ended.

Levittown started construction of cheap quick homes for families of soldiers coming home.

18 houses were built in the morning, 18 at night, resulting in 180 houses built per week.

Post- World War II Baby Boom started in 1946

1946 to 1952- 25 million children were added to the US population

The war did not progress the lives of women or blacks there was still discrimination

1947, Jackie Robinson became the first black to play major league baseball

Although there were currently cultural set backs, Jackie Robinson caused progression in desegregation.

The outbreak of communism in European countries greatly effected politics

400,000 soldiers were sent to Japan
They rewrote the constitution for Japan

The Korean War was June 25, 1950- July 27, 1953

53,000 Americans were lost in the 3 years of war

Most Americans did not pay much attention to the Korean war, feelings that it did not personally effect their families or homes

The lack of public attention to the Korean war, gave it the name The Forgotten War

1947-1952, the loyalty of Americans were investigated to find communists

The computer used to produce hydrogen bombs was the MAIAC

After a step forward in desegregation, a baby boom, American soldiers in both Japan and Korea, and an outbreak in communism, America settled into the mid 1950s, and produced hydrogen bombs.