Marketing Newsletter / September 16, 2016

Broker Survey

In November you will be receiving your first yearly Broker Survey. The purpose of the survey is to gather feedback on fiscal 2016 performance of our top Brokerage companies within the Mid-Atlantic Division.

In turn, Marketing will meet with each Broker to identify opportunities for growth to help parallel with our goals.

We look forward to 100% participation!

Who to Call

An updated "Who to Call" document can be found on the Mid Atlantic Sales and Marketing site. Use this document as a resource to guide you on who to contact.


As a reminder, we have an East Region Product Merchandising Support Team to help support with product related information. A breakdown of this team by Category can be found on by visiting the below link.


UPDATE: Coming Soon!

As we continue to work on our product assortment, we are committed to bringing in various items from the vendors listed below . Marketing will communicate through Daily Dish to keep you informed as product arrives. In addition, we will publish an updated Active Stock list once these item codes are established and. I have included a status next to each line to ensure you know where we are in the process.

  • Dianne's Fine Desserts - Communication was sent out on 9/8 through the Daily Dish to inform you product has arrived!

  • V&V Supremo - Communication was sent out on 9/8 through the Daily Dish to inform you product has arrived!

  • Phillips Seafood - PO scheduled to arrive on 9/27.

  • Goya - First PO is scheduled to be released on Monday, 9/19.

  • DeVault - Inventory is in and ready to ship out!
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September 2016 - MDL to Stock

Analysis is performed each month to determine what items we currently buy through MDL which have a potential to stock. We are working to transition the two below items due to consistent movement. Inventory is due in on Monday, 9/19.

  • 108183 - Town Dock Calamari Rings & Tentacles 4-2.5#
  • 212148 - Kitchen Essentials Pacific Cod Loins 8Z IQF 10#

Broker/Vendor Contact List: Updated

We keep this document updated as a point of reference for contact information and vendor/broker association.

A link to the document can always be found on the Mid-Atlantic Sales and Marketing site.


New Item Requests

New Item Requests continue to be a topic of conversation among our Team. We continue to turn these requests around as soon as possible. Once completed paperwork comes back from the vendor, the turnaround time from Grand Rapids is 24 hours. Typically, it takes a vendor to complete the paperwork within a few days, but there is no guaranteed time frame.

New Item Request Form:


To keep track of your request, visit the below link. This link will take you to the Master- New Item Request Form. Marketing continues to work on these requests each day.


Mid-Atlantic Insider

Our weekly Insider can be found on the Mid-Atlantic site under Marketing Information.

This is a great resource to view market trends, new items, and discontinued items.


Looking for Point of Sale? We have you covered!

Gordon Food Service Branded Point of Sale

Looking for sales materials for brands? Click on this button review a file of Gordon Food Service brand Point of Sale. This is a great way to review content to the Mid Atlantic Division only; not to mention to review stocked branded items.

Corporate Capabilities Point of Sale

Looking for those materials that help tell the story of "Who we are" and "What we can do", by clicking this button you will be able to review those materials that tell this story. This is a great piece for New or Potential Customers