WEEK OF 10/12/15

We Are Mission-Minded

Are You Open To Your Students Empowering And Evangelizing You, And The Necessary "Letting Go" To Allow It To Happen?

I Loved This Article...

It made me think of Sister Mary Fagan's song at staff orientation: "Walk Together Teachers, Don't You Get Weary."

It also reminded me of the importance of being consistent and doing the simple things day in and day out in our jobs. 20 miles, every day, no matter what! Don't wait for the "nice" days to journey together!

I Loved This Article Even More.

An excerpt: "All teachers love the students who are easy to love. The students who are eager to see us everyday, who are excited to be in our class, who smile and wave to us in the hallway. Yet, when we aggressively engage the students who are hard to love, this is when God does amazing things. Jesus didn’t spend a lot of time with the rule followers, in fact he challenged the rule followers for being so consumed with the rules. Jesus passionately pursued the rule breakers, and the world has never been the same."


When you take students to weekly adoration, please have the students sign the book at the entrance. You should sign, too!

"Goodness Is The Only Investment That Never Fails."

CCD On Sundays: Starting 11/14

Our classrooms will be used from 10 am- 12:15 pm.

Report Cards: Correction/Extension

All grades must be in by Sunday evening, 10/18, and they will go home on Tuesday, 10/20. Please don't wait until the last minute to enter grades! It takes a lot of coordinating and processing to make sure these go out correctly. Therefore, your selfless adherence to this deadline is critical.

In Light Of Report Card Week

We will not have a staff meeting this Wednesday. You may meet as clusters at your collective discretion. Our next whole group staff meeting will be next Wednesday.

Christmas Party: Friday, December 18, 1- 4 p.m.

Just wanted to let you all know now so that you can plan to be there. The earlier time is meant to impede any tomfoolery, indiscretions, or white elephant violence.


Ok. We are all systems go on this. Your username and password is first name the last name. So, e.g., lionelmessi and lionelmessi. The kids have the same deal for user and password. I think we can start the first week of 2nd Quarter. Ms. Clemens will be assisting you this week with doing initial testing for your students.


Registration is 15 bucks. That's quite a bargain to support an organization that arguably kept our school and many other Catholic schools open during tough times.

Tomorrow Is The Pre-K4 Breakfast

Pray and pay to support them!


There have been questions about the timeframe for this. Let's discuss at the next staff meeting. I think we should all try to go together, but this may not be desirable. It goes pretty late. I expect you to go and take in some awesome sessions. I don't expect you to be there from 7-7. I trust you to discern what sessions to attend and how long to stay.

My Takeaway From Below: Beliefs About Intelligence Matter

My Takeaway From Below: "Reading Is Reading"

My Takeaway From Below: Empowering Students With Choice About Their Schoolwork Has A Significantly Positive Impact On Learning

My Takeaway From Below: Enforce Classroom Rules Each And Every Time, Or Yelling Will Happen

My Takeaway From Below: Play Rocks!