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get it for free now! kudu game lab!

This software is available for free now!

There are 2 games in this. They are both really good and they keep you ocupied. if you play this game. you will love it and want to keep on playing it! To the right, is just one of the caracters used used in this game! This game (kudu game lab) allows you to make your own game aswell. It has great graphics! It is a free peice of downloadable software and it is totaly worth the money!

On my game, I have programed opponents to race against you. you control the caractrer. on the way, you bump into some bad guys that shoot at you. when you get hit bu one of there bullets 3 times, you get a 5 scond penalty! is you win, it says winner!

it is rated pegi 3 so it is a suitable game for all ages. 87% of people rated this game 4 starts or more!

Northeast game dealers.

Go to any technology shop and get a xbox or computer and them get the free download

The game launch

Tuesday, April 23rd 2013 at 10am

Valley Gardens

Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear

Be at valley gardens on the 23rd to witniss the launch of a new, great game!