The Abolitionist Movement

Angelina Grimke

Childhood/Early Events

- Angelina was born on Feburary 20, 1805 and died October 26,1879, she was one of 14 children.

- She grew up with her sister, Sarah in South Carolina and witnessed slavery first hand.

- Angelina and her sister later moved to the north in order to work openly against slavery and they joined the Philadelphia, Female Anti-Slavery Society.

- Their pioneering lectures and writing on abilition and women's rights influenced others.

Involvement In Movement

-Angelina worked with her husband, Minister Theodore Weid and Sarah, her sister with writing for abolishonist newspapers (The Liberator, Slavery as it is: Testimony of a thousand witnesses 1859).

- Wrote a pamphlet "An Appeal to the Christian Women of the South"

- Grimke wrote series in The Liberator which was written by William Lloyd Garrison.

Significance of Actions

Their activities, writing and lectures inspired other women to do the same, like Lucy Stone and Lucretia Mott. Even though each of the sisters had their flaws, Angelina, being a poor writer but great speake and Sarah, having poor speaking skills but was a great writer. They both came together and were an important influence regarding women and The Abolitionist Movement with their moral courage and activism.