"In the end, only kindness matters" - Jewel

Enter our Term 3 Photography Competition

The theme for our term 3 Photography Competition is #Kindography

How do I enter?

Step 1. Take a photograph! You can use any device that you want - camera, phone, iPad etc. The theme of your photograph MUST reflect the theme of Kindness. It MUST contain an image of a person or persons.

Step 2. Email your photograph to kbale@lism.catholic.edu.au. Your subject heading should be in the format of #kindography - your name (e.g. #kindography - John Smith).

Step 3. Any person/s whose image/s appears in your photograph must complete the online permission form included in this flyer to allow their image to be uploaded to the St Joseph's Regional College Library's FaceBook page and Pinterest Board. Failure to do so will mean that we will not be able to upload your photo to our galleries.

Here are some examples of Kindness as shown through Photography

The competition will be judged by the Visual Arts Department.The winner will receive a canvas print of their image

How can I see the entries?

1. All entries will be printed and displayed in the Library

2. All entries will be uploaded to the St Joseph's Regional College Library FaceBook page

3. All entries will be uploaded to the St Joseph's Regional College Library Pinterest board

Closing Date:

The Competition closes at 3.15 pm on Friday September 20th.

Entries will be judged and the winner/s announced early Term 4.

Can I cast a vote? Can I find inspiration anywhere?

If you go to our Pinterest page, you can find some quotes and inspiration for your work, and during the course of the competition you can comment on the entries uploaded there. We will evaluate the comments to determine the People's Choice winner.

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