The Roadrunner -Nov./Dec. 2017

“Roadrunners are fast, strong, and smart”

Time is flying by.....

Dear Parents-

Happy Holidays from your CPE staff! This is an exciting year for students and teachers at CPE. Along with reading, writing, math, science and social studies, we are also working on developing core values with our students. These core values are listed in this newsletter. As a parent and educator, I know that providing ample attention to developing both academic skills and the set of CPE core values will be an important part in the success of all students. Please take a moment to look at our core values and mark your calendar for April 27th. On that day, all CPE students will be invited to participate in our student exhibition. We hope to see all of you that night to support your student.

Thank you,

Walt Davenport-Principal

Upcoming Events....

11-7 Vision Screenings (Grades K-5)

11-10 No School (Veteran's Day)

11-14 Picture Re-Takes

11-22 (Early Dismissal From School) Kinder @ 12:15 and Grades 1-5 @ 12:20/25

11-23 & 11-24 No School (Thanksgiving Holiday)

12-4 Report Cards sent home with students

12-18-17 through 1-1-18 No School (Winter Break)

Huge Thanks!!!!!! The Jog-A-Thon was a HUGE Success.

Thank you for all the support and generous financial contributions towards our Jog-A-Thon this year. Our goal was to raise $15,000 dollars this year. Rumor has it we far exceeded our goal. Actual figures will be released at a later date. The support of of the community and families means a great deal to our students and staff. Thank you.

A special "Thank You" goes out to Amanda Davenport and January Hargis for coordinating the event. It is a big commitment to prepare and organize this event.

Core Values At Central Point Elementary

As a staff, we have developed a list of Core Values (AKA: Soft Skills) that students need to increase their chance of success and assist them as they become adults. Please review the list below and think about how the school can help develop these skills with your child. As we approach student goal setting conferences later this month, please consider asking your child's teacher about these soft skills and where your child excels or needs development.

  1. Develop a sense of Purpose
  2. Promote Engagement
  3. Foster Creativity
  4. Develop Perseverance and Determination
  5. Promote Collaboration
  6. Develop Empathy
  7. Establish a sense of Community
  8. Exhibit Respect and Earn Trust

Cold and Flu Season is Here!

A friendly reminder: The most important way to prevent the spread of colds and flu is practicing good hand and cough hygiene. Model and teach your children how to wash hands frequently and thoroughly, throughout the day; before /after meals, after coughing or touching their faces, after toileting. Demonstrate how to “cough in your sleeve” rather than covering a cough with a hand to help limit hand-to-surface-to-hand spread of illnesses.

If your child has a temperature over 100.5 degrees, is vomiting, or is not feeling well enough to participate in school, please keep them home. The recommendation is fever below 100.5 (without fever reducing medication) and no vomiting for about 24 hours before returning to school. Your child’s behavior is also important to consider-do they feel well enough to be at school, or feel “too” well to be at home?

Regular school attendance is very important for all of our children. Let’s work together to keep our school healthy.

Congratulations to the top CPE finishers at the Sams Valley Mini Marathon

What an amazing accomplishment this week. CPE students participate with all the other D6 Elementary schools and took 1st place overall! There were over 800 runners. We had 3 boys place in the top 10 along with 4 girls. Please congratulate all the participants that gave extraordinary effort. We are very proud of you.

Nathan Woodard 2nd

Bradley Bowden 3rd

Hudson Barsalou 10th

Ella Heppner 2nd

Jacqueline Banuelos Conchas 3rd

Daisy Ruiz 4th

Emma Heppner 5th

Parking Lot Etiquette

Parking Lot Etiquette

Let’s all work together to address the limited space we have when dropping off or picking up our children. Please be considerate of handicap access, the flow of traffic and “bottle neck” areas. Being thoughtful of where / how we park and having patience will help the situation. Thank you.


Sharing frequent family meals can have many positive benefits for children and teens, including enhanced school performance, more healthful eating habits and reduced risk of substance abuse. The following inforlmation is from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University Children and teens who have frequent family dinners:

• Are at half the risk for substance abuse compared with teens who dine with their families infrequently
• Are less likely to have friends or classmates who use illicit drugs or abuse prescription drugs
• Have lower levels of tension or stress at home
• Are more likely to say that their parents and families are proud of them
• Are likelier to say they can confide in their parents
• Are likelier to get better grades in school
• Are more likely to be emotionally content and have positive peer relationships
• Have more healthful eating habits
• Are at lower risk for thoughts of suicide..

PTO Meetings at C.P.E.

Thursday, Nov. 2nd, 6pm

450 South 4th Street

Central Point, OR

PTO at CPE...Welcome or welcome back from your CPE PTO! We have a great group of parents returning that truly love getting together to help organize and facilitate the many wonderful and worthwhile events throughout the year. What we are really excited about is the chance to get to know you, the person who has wanted to get involved, but just hasn’t had the time or ability. Make this the year you take a chance and get involved, you’ll love it!! We meet on the first Thursday of every Month (except Sept) in the School Library from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. Our upcoming meetings are set for November 2nd and December 7th at 6:00 p.m. in the school library. We look forward to seeing you there.

Box Tops

The PTO has already received $1000’s in box tops rewards over the years!! Thank you for continuing to support our collection efforts. Our combined effort has a huge impact on achieving our goals in PTO and improving student achievement/opportunities. The collection bin is located in the front foyer.

For more information on this program visit:

Medicine at School

It is important to communicate with the front office staff in the event your student needs to take medication during the school day. Students must not have medication in their possession. We have a secure area for student medications and procedures in place to ensure the highest safety levels. Medications must remain in the prescribed container. Call Elaine Cook for additional information .


Attendance.....being absent, leaving early, changing pick up plans.

Please call the school when your child is absent. This helps us tremendously. Also, if your plans change regarding where your student is going after school (bus, daycare, walking, etc.) please call before 2:00. We cannot always get the message to your student(s) if you call later than that time. Thank you.

Take control of TV (and other screen time)


· 2 hours per day or less of total screen time—TV, non-school related computer, and video games

· No TV during meal times

· No TV during homework

· No television sets in any bedrooms

· No eating while watching TV

· No surfing—watch favorite shows only

· Limit viewing to specific days & times

TIPS FOR SUCCESS Use technology:

· Screening devices (like TiVo) can remove advertising, and allow you to view TV programs in less time.

· Be a good role-model: Keep a check on your own TV viewing habits….kids will take their cues from you! Endure kids’ complaints: This may be a parent’s biggest challenge. But, stick with it!

· Help kids deal with boredom: Be prepared to suggest other activities. Over time, kids will learn to entertain themselves.

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