Mrs. Whitlock's Weekly Math Updates

March 23-27

Upcoming Dates

Monday, March 23: Homework Packet 11 due
Thursday, March 26: Chapter 15 test (reading a calendar, telling time to the half hour)
Monday, March 30: Homework Packet 12 due

What's going on in math...

This week we started to learn about how to read a calendar. Students need to be able to know the order of the 12 months of the year as well as the 7 days of the week. They also need to be able to find and locate dates on a calendar. We will be spending the first half of next week learning how to read an analog clock to the hour and the half hour. This is a great thing to practice at home with your clock or personal calendar!

After we take our Chapter 15 test on Thursday, we will start discussing numbers up to 120 We will begin by practicing estimation.

A Helpful Poem

We learned this from our textbook. This will help students remember how many days are in each month:

Thirty days have September,
April, June, and November.
All the rest have thirty-one,
Except February alone,
Which has twenty-eight days clear,
And twenty-nine in each leap year.
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