Strawberry DNA Extraction

By: Becca, Kaylee, and Tonya


How does the amount/appearance of pea DNA differ from strawberry DNA?


  1. Get materials
  2. Blend peas and berries (make sure to use the same amount of salt and organism)
  3. Strain & place in cup
  4. Add a few drops of soap
  5. Add enzyme, stir softly and transfer into test tube
  6. Add alcohol slowly
  7. Observe, compare, and record


In our data, we concluded that strawberries had more DNA than peas. My prediction is correct because strawberries can be mashed more easily than peas. Its easier to break the walls holding the DNA.

Possible Errors

Using proper measuring system instead of saying a pinch of enzyme (meat).

After putting the soap in, the waiting time was different.