Follow Ups, Ups, and Away!

Callback Hacks and Tips

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Wait. Why am I reading this!?

I know. I know. I know.

What's the big deal? Why do we even need a Follow-up newsletter?

No one is taking Traffic school because they want to, most just want to get it over with...IMPROV wants to help them get it done quickly and painlessly. We call them first, because we are on their team!

Each of these will only take 2 minutes to read, and I promise I'll try and make them fun.

Below you will find 3 Follow-Up tips for the week. Below that, you will find my email that you can send suggestions and thoughts for the next week!

Brock Powell: Rubber Chicken Coordinator

PLEASE email and skype me suggestions to add to our word bank. I'm running out of things to type...See? I'm all out of ideas. Why are you still reading? Geez. Can't you give a me break?

Don't you have ANYTHING else you can be doing?

...Just watch the funny cartoon below while I sneak out the window.
Positive Attitude and Reading People