Mrs. Hepburn's Class Newsletter

November 4, 2013

Upcoming Events

It's hard to believe the first week of November is upon us. This quarter seems to fly by due to the holidays and extra days off. Even with the various times off the students will be engaging in high level rigorous learning. Each of the grades are deeply involved in research projects that will be used to create presentations utilizing technology and models they will use to demonstrate their learning.

The students have Spectra this week, 3rd on Tuesday and 2nd on Thursday. The second graders will be on a Spectra field trip on Thursday from 9:15-3:00. The students have library on Wednesday and counseling on Friday. Castlio will be hosting the Fall Carnival 10:00-2:00 on Saturday.

2nd Grade English Language Arts

November 4th-8th

Phonics for the week: crook, loose, spook, tools, broom, moody, goose, looked, shook, spoon, boot, bookcase, foolish, noodle, proof


Spelling city

Vocabulary Words:

legend: a list of symbols on a map or chart

key: list of words that explain symbols on a map or chart

compass rose: figure on a compass or map that shows direction North, East, South and West

Students will:

  • research the circulatory and respiratory system using internet resources
  • read There's a Map on My Lap, Follow that Map
  • read different types of maps
  • create a map
  • write a personal narrative about a trip

3rd Grade English Language Arts

Phonics for the week: vCe and Vowel R Control Syllable
ornate, surprise, argue, miracle, popular, pollute, partner, cursive, orange, harbor, unwise, force, mistake, calendar, merge, jaguar, muscular, Iroquois, competitor, perpendicular
Spelling City

Vocabulary Words:
environment-the air, water, organisms and surroundings affecting an organism
impact-to influence or to affect
beneficial-helpful or advantageous

In class students will:

  • observe text structure and the way authors organize information in text
  • locate cause and effect relationships in text
  • research ecosystems
  • write an 5 paragraph essay about an ecosystem
  • edit and revise writing


Second Grade

Students will:

  • Regroup: Trade 10 ones for 1 ten
  • Build pictures of 100
  • Work with Mulitples of 100
  • Make Hundreds, Tens and Ones
  • logic and reasoning

Third Grade

Students will:

  • Use Fair Shares to Review Fractions
  • Find Equivalent Fractions
  • Develop Language to Compare Fractions
  • Use Pattern Blocks as Fractions
  • Visualize Halves and Fourths
  • logic and reasoning