AGHS Fall Attendance Challenge!!

All students 7-12 grades

The challenge runs Oct 3 - Dec 16, 2016

How do we begin?

  1. Create an account at
  2. Select Ash Grove High School
  3. Complete the Attendance Badge
  4. Continue to log-in and participate online a few times per week to earn more points!

What is the Attendance Badge?

The Attendance Badge consists of tools and resources combined to remind you why coming to school every day is important. The Badge includes the following pieces of content and should only take you about 10 to 15 minutes to complete:

  1. Check out the Virtual Guidance Counselor/Breakfast Club
  2. Watch "Why Earn An Achievement Video"
  3. Explore the "Scholars Dollars" scholarship database
  4. Play "College Prep Classes"
  5. Watch "Understanding your GPA"
  6. Contribute to the discussion board: Why Do Goals Matter
  7. Use the Attendance Counts tool
  8. "Check in" to school
  9. Answer the "Tardy to Class" survey

That's it! Once you complete these items you will earn the badge and points for our school!

So why should I participate??

Earn prizes for yourself and for the school!!

Unlock the Box

  • Every school that gets at least 30% of their students to earn an Attendance Badge will receive a $500 grant. (This money will be used to create a Student Store and Coffee House!!)

Regional Prizes

  • The top winner in the region will earn $1,000!

National Prizes

  • The top winner in the US will earn $5,000 and a celebration with a celebrity guest!

Individual Rewards

  • Every time you engage in an activity you earn prizes for yourself. This can be anything from school supplies to a PlayStation!


  • Contests will be held where you can share your idea for "spreading cheer" in your school or community. You could win money to make your idea happen!

AGHS Counseling Office

Mrs. Millington

7-12 School Counselor

Ash Grove High School