Your Investment Options

Way to save up your money and earn more over time!!

Real Estate

Investors buy property such as land or buildings hoping to generate a profit

Many forms of real estate include malls, apartments, underdeveloped land, commercial buildings, and farmland

Real estate is more hard to sell than stocks, because you have to put it on the market, wait for a buyer, negotiate the price, and then sign a contract


Items that are rare in number are known as collectibles

Paintings, sculptures, baseball trading cards, and antiques are just a few examples of colectibles

Investors in collectibles don't make a profit or loss until they sell their items

There is a very small market for collectibles, investors view them as very high risk

U.S Savings Bonds

The federal government pays interest to investors for loaning it money

A bond is a formal agreement where a borrower, which is Federal Government, can use your money for a set period of time and the lender will get paid a specific amount of interest in return

You agree to let them borrow your money for atleast a year and can be held for up to 30 years

If you end a bond early you have to pay a penalty

Bonds pay higher rates of interest than savings accounts

You can buy government-issued U.S Savings Bonds from almost any financial institution or directly from the government

Certificates of Deposits

This is the banks and credit unions version of a savings bond

When you buy a CD from a financial institution, you are loaning it money for a set period of time

The longer the term the longer the rate of interest paid

Usually pay a higher rate of interest than a savings bond

If you cash it in early you will pay a few months interest

Money Market Mutual Funds

Similar to Money Market Deposit Accounts

Designed to be a stable way to save your money and earn potential income

No guarentee you will make money

They are not guarenteed by the U.S Federal Government

Generally considered to be pretty safe investments

Earn higher interest than Money Market Deposits