Factors of Aging


All individuals and groups of individuals live in their own unique ways of life, which could be due to either their culture, religion, or just based on their own choice, or in some cases, due to issues they encounter, such as loss, or financial problems.


Like all other factors, this can be a positive or a negative factor, depending on whether you earn a lot of money and manage it well, or don’t earn a lot or not very good at managing money. Another issue some people encounter is being financially abused, such as being robbed, or someone else taking control of another person’s money.


Bereavement is the feeling an individual gets when they have lost something or someone that is important. For example, loss of a close family member, this can affect someone massively and the negative feeling may stay in the long term, or in some cases some may deal with the emotions better, which may not affect them as much


Having a functional family and having close friendships is always a positive factor in life, because it means you have someone who can help and support you. But there is also a negative side to this, which may range from either dysfunctional relationships, growing up alone, or losing the ones close to you.

Social Isolation

The explanation for this factor is within the name, this means that individuals make the choice to isolate themselves and avoid contact with society. Sometimes this can be a choice for those people, or in most common cases, they isolate themselves because of the problems they encounter, which can relate to other underlying factors such as loss.

Living Conditions

This factor can be based on the factor of individuals’ finances, depending on the money an individual earns and what they use their money on will mostly determine the condition they live in, whether it will be in a clean and safe environment, or a poor environment.