All Saints Staff Weekly

May 15, 2016

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  • Enrollment-This is changing again almost daily. I will send you an updated list with student counts by the end of the week

  • Safety Reminders-I know we are all excited about the end of the school year, however, please continue to practice good safety supervision especially when you are on the playground. All areas where the kids are at should be monitored and students should never be sent alone to the restroom by themselves.

  • HSO New Officers-We had about 60 parents in attendance at our last meeting and with the great support all executive team members and committee heads were filled.

  • Grades- Please make sure that you have updated your grades, including the final grades. If you have questions how to calculate the final grades, please come and talk with me. We will begin printing report cards on Thursday and they will need your signature

  • Thursday morning prayer/PK4-K Promotion-We will do morning prayer in the Churh on Thursday with the PK4/Kinder Promotion at 8:30am instead of at the beginning of the day. Student should sit in their normal mass spots.

  • Friday schedule-Morning mass followed by awards, 9:30-10:00 move up time-send students to their next grade level, 10:00-11:00 pack up-finish cleaning up your rooms, 11:00-12:00 class parties.

  • Summer School-Teachers on the second floor, summer school will happening on your floor, so leave your teacher and student desks where they are. Everything else needs to be packed away and put up in the cubby area if possible. Mrs. Garcia's classroom will also be used this year for summer school.

  • Cleaning Up-Again, please remember to take everything down off your walls as there will be some classroom changes this summer. Those classrooms that are not having summer school, everything needs to be packed away and all furniture moved to the wall that is closest to your exit door to help the cleaning room do the room cleanings more easily this summer. Again, if you have any questions with the check out items or tasks, please come and talk with me.

  • Summer Reading & Supply List-have been uploaded to the school website under CURRENT FAMILIES-CURRENT SCHOOL YEAR INFO. I have a few tweaks to the summer assignments, but please familiarize yourself and for 4th grade and up the assignments changed. You should go over these with your students on Friday. Also, check out the SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST ONLINE also on the same page with the summer assignments. I need all edits you would like to make to this page ASAP. (Already have changing the pocket folder to poly folders)

  • Out Tomorrow-I will be out of the building the majority of the day as I have a Diocesan meeting as well as a Region XI Title meeting. If anything comes up, please get with your team leaders.