Norfolk Junior High Journal

Norfolk Nebaska

Feature Story

Divers find something related to the Air Asia flight. It’s a black and orange box. It says Flight Recorder do not open. It was located in the back of the plane. This takes place in Indonisia. It was about 30 meters (100 feet). The plane was carrying 162 people. Only 48 bodies were recovered so far.

Kevin Mojica's Autobiography

One day a little boy was born on July 15, 2002. As he grew up, he didn't like life. School was too hard for him, and then he decided to play football in a high school in California. His teammates said that he should join the NFL. As college went by, he joined football. After that, Kevin went to the NFL. He was on The team The Raiders. He really liked what he was doing. They kicked Kevin Mojica off of the team. He is now 22. Kevin gets married and has three kids named Peter, Anthony, and Hera. He still had his football soul inside him, so for five years he had nothing to do. He decides to join the Army. Joining the Army really helped him. He made new friends. Even though he was risking his life saving America, he really liked it over there. Four years later, the war ended. He's 31 years old; he's still young. Instead he writes books about his earlier life when he was little and at war. He's been writing books for nine years. After his friends children graduate from middle school, he tells them what he did in his earlier years. Kevin continues to write books. He takes care of his kids.
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Six Little Ducks

One Sunday Morning there were six small little ducks

That I once knew

Short ones, skinny ones,

Fair ones, too

But there was this one little duck

Who had this feather in his back

The feather was large. Thats how they knew that he was the main duck. Also he was the buffest one in the group. He led the others

With a loud quack, quack, quack

Quack, quack, quack,

Quack, quack, quack.

He led the others

With a louder quack, quack, quack.

Down to the river they would go

Wibble wobble,

Wibble wobble,

Down and up even bumby.

But this one little duck had this feather in his back

He led the others to saftey and he led the others to a lake in Florida.

They loved it so much with the nice weather. They went back to Nebraska and he led the others with a Quack, quack, quack, quack.

They went all over the United States like California,Texas,Montana and Colorado.

And He led the others

With a quack quack quack.

Batman 1989 Movie Review

The movie is about a guy dressed up as a bat and fights crime. He’s trying to stop a villain called The Joker. It shows how he became Batman. The movie is not as better as the early Batman movies like Batman Begins and Dark Knight. You guys are probably wondering why I like this movie so much. It gives me memories. It takes me back to about 2003 or 2005. I like how Michael Keaton is a better Batman actor than Christian Bale. So to make this story short, it’s about how his family dies and he gets depressed. He decides that he doesn't want kids to face what he faced. He makes a batsuit. He’s a random guy roaming Gotham City who fights crime, and he finds out that Joker killed his parents he tries to get revenge.