Narcissa Whitman

A Hero Within


  • Born on March 14, 1808 in New York
  • Was the third child of nine
  • Was the eldest daughter
  • Helped take care of her large family


  • Had perseverance because she was helping her large family and never gave up
  • Narcissa never gave up on traveling over the continent overland
  • Her daughter and the Sager children she saved


  • Was caring because she wanted to help her mother take care of her family and her brothers and sisters
  • Saved Half Indian children and also saved the Orphaned Sager children


  • Narcissa had plenty of faith in herself while crossing the continent overland
  • She also had faith while she was taking care of her child Alice, and the Sager and half Indian children
  • When she went to school to become a teacher
  • Teaching Christianity to the Cayuse Indians

Crossing the Continent Overland

  • Wanted to be a Missionary at sixteen
  • Got accepted after marrying Marcus Whitman
  • Marcus and Narcissa's job was to teach Christianity to the Cayuse Indians
  • One of the first two white woman to cross the continent overland
  • Had a child (Alice)

Oregon Journey

  • Before the Journey, she got married to Marcus Whitman
  • Had a child on her twenty-ninth birthday
  • Had a daughter named Alice
  • Alice was born on March 14, 1837
  • Alice drowned in the Walla Walla river in 1839
  • Narcissa fell into depression
  • Later, crossed the continent overland

Hero Within

  • After Alice passed, Narcissa still had perseverance
  • Had faith for crossing the continent overland
  • Also had faith for being a missionary
  • Narcissa had perseverance for taking care of Alice and her large family

Influenced History

  • Influenced history because Narcissa was one of the first two white woman to cross the Oregon continent overland
  • Also helped people and children including her large family and the Sager and half Indian children


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