Party for a Purpose!

You're Invited!!!

We are pure, safe & beneficial . . . . from head to toe!

Come and learn the importance of taking good care of your skin using botanically-based, vegan skincare and cosmetics. We'll educate you and pamper you!!

100% of proceeds go to support Katie's Teen FARE Summit.

Katie's platform for her pageantry is “ Prevent the Pen” (website:

Her goal is to be able to go to Washington D.C. next year to the Teen FARE submmit:

She wants to go there next year to see what it is all about and then the following year speak about her platform and the new things that are happening in this area with allergy awareness. She’s currently a active member of FARE and wants to be a spoke-person for this area one day.

Robbin & Katie's Party for a Purpose

Sunday, Jan. 24th, 1pm

16 Shadow Wood Way, Ballston Lake, NY

If you would like to order to support Katie's mission and cannot make it to our event, simply go to and click 'shop Arbonne'. Once you've got your order together, it will ask you if you want to be attached to an event. Click YES! The Event name is: Robbin & Katie Manuel's Party for a Purpose.