The Genzer Gazelles

Underdogs to Motivators

The Blind Side

One example of an underdog is in the movie “The Blind Side” Michael was found with no food on the street with nothing to do and no where to go without not much money. At the same time, S.J the youngest Tuohy of the family started becoming friends with Michael and not long after, they would hang out at the park together and you could tell michael was having a lot of fun being around S.J. Then, after school one day the Touhy family came to pick up S.J and and they saw Michael hanging out with S.J. After a while they found out that Michael did not really have the best/ a place to live and not much longer they asked him to live in their house. He was really shy at first and but then got to get along with them and started to be fine with it. While all this was all going on Leigh Anne(The Mother) put him into high school. But she did not know at first that he did not know how to write so at school he had a bit of trouble but ended up learning and got better grades. Meanwhile, the father also wanted him to do football. By the end of the football season he showed everyone that he could play an blowed all the coaches away. Following, at the end of his senior year he graduated high school. Through all of his life he had changed so much mental, socially and physically and gained so much independence and success while persevering through it all.


Another example of an underdogs is also in the movie “Dodgeball” was about two men named Peter La Fleur and White Goodman and Peter is a guy who is kinda a procrastinator who runs a run down fitness business and White goodman is the opposite which has a money making fitness business and both go into a dodgeball tournament. Since people knew that he did not put a lot of effort into the fitness building many people did not go there cause it was not good at advertisment and it was not well done. Another problem is was that White Goodman would always joke about how Peter would not win and so Peter would want to yield and give up. Lastly, The main difficulty was in the the dodgeball tournament, Peters group was not the most prepared or best group out there. It was hard to get everyone to learn how to play and understand the concept and the rules to the game. Even some of the people weren’t even known to play the game or did not work out… They could not even win a game against little girls. By the end, The solution is by all the hard work they put into practices and the tournament and Peters team adhered the whole time and did not give up. Also Peters team won the tournament and was given 50,000 dollars and by the end of the next month to year many people left White Goodman's fitness place and went to Peter La Fleurs building and ended up to be a money makers fitness place. With all the money from the winning of the tournament they also changed the building and remodelled it to make it nicer for people to come to.
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Helen Keller

Underdogs play a big role in society and an example of an underdogs is Helen Keller.Helen Keller was a person that persevered through her life starting from when young to her old ages. Helen Keller's characteristics are blonde and blue eyes, common right? but nobody noticed that she was different because she did not look different.For example, when she 19 months she was diagnosed was she was born and her eyes and ears closed up and she has to figure out another way to speak and hear. For instance, Helen Keller was a person that did not really want to try knew things because she knew it was going to be hard to understand and remember. But she gradually became able to learn and was combative to learn and through her life she started to do sign language and other ways to talk and let people know what and where she is going but most importantly, she showed a great example of determination, resilience, and hard work to get through of her hard times trying to learn. Also she overcome her difficult conditions with being respected and she inspired people to better themselves how they act and speak and to make people understand to always stand up and persevere.

Bethany Hamilton

She was once a underdog but now an inspiring person. Her name is Bethany Hamilton. One day she wanted to go out in the ocean with her family and friends and decided to go surfing . You know her normal day basis. and everything was fine and games and then she went out far in the ocean and a shark came and bit her arm. The shark was caused by the smell of the a person's blood and it caused her to lose a ginormous amount of blood and became unconscious. she had to rush to the hospital until she came back with extra blood and came back alive to she crying her eyes out because she only had one arm and she was just not used to it and she was a just nervous in the moment to get used to it and how to work with one arm and not having a lot of help by family and friends. The outcome of not having an arm. She faced a lot of adversity and many people would stare at her when she walked past them at restaurants, grocery stores, etc. The cause of the shark attack lead to trying to get a prosthetic arm she just had a really hard time to try it on even and did not like how it worked and was just sad to just think about how much easier it was to have her normal arm back. By the end she decided not to use the arm and just to learn to have one arm and accept it. As a result of the cause to the effect she persevered and started to learn how to surf with one arm. At the end of the year back in summer she won in the summer in her surfing competition and recovered to be a strong, young lady.
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Nick and Oscar

Many underdogs end up as the opposite of how they started. I choose Nick Vujicic and Oscar Pistorius to compare and contrast. Oscar was born within 11 months and his legs had to be amputated off below the knee and never s stopped runner after all. As for Nick, He was born without any limbs and shocked everyone even this parents. But standing today, he still goes to other school and motivates people all around the world. For starters, They both had some times that they had to persevere through a lot to to achieve their goals. In contrast, Nick is an inspiring person that also does many activities but Oscar is mainly just an athletic runner for the olympics. Also, Nick accepted the fact that he does not have everything that we all have but on the other hand Oscar had fake legs to help him continue his dream of running. Nick same as Oscar both are still both inspiring people and never thought they were complacent and they just keeping craving for success for themselves. Throughout all the stories of people who were underdogs stood out incredibly and ended up as both persevering people and people to go back to if you ever need something to be inspiring or if your down.