Lucy Roberts


Summer was pretty amazing. I spent a week in Salt Lake City, UT for the national speech and debate tournament. Then, I spent 3 weeks in UC Berkeley for what was called the "Civic Leadership Institute," while I was there I was able to:

  • volunteer every other day in the Bay Area
  • meet fascinating people from around the world, and
  • establish a fourth degree connection to President Barack Obama

Once my parents picked me up, we went to Hawai'i for two weeks, which was one of the most incredible places I have traveled. I had never understood that places could actually look like that.

School Year

Today, I am super excited because we get to adopt the dog we've had an application for. After school, she will be home and I am so ready for her to become a part of our lives. My old dog, April, passed away this summer and my family is more than ready to get a new one.

During the school year, I compete in Speech and Debate, am a journalist for The Scroll, play cello, am a member of NHS, and I am joining a few more clubs this year. I study, a lot, and schoolwork takes up a vast majority of my time.